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The Iconic Nike Air Max CB 94 'Road' Is Set to Return!

One of Nike's loudest silhouettes from the 90s, the Air Max CB 94, is returning in its OG format after a five-year hiatus. We've seen a fresh wave of interest in 90s Nike Basketball silhouettes in 2020, and Team Swoosh are helping to meet the demand.

Celebrated as one of the NBA's most dominant players in his era, Charles Barkley's signature sneakers often reflected his aggressive playing style, and the CB 94 was arguably his standout silhouette.

Featuring a constructed leather upper with nubuck overlays, a neoprene sleeve, and an integrated speed-lacing system, a noticeable design touch on the CB 94 is the mesh vent holes that are located on the upper's straps.

The shoe comes in its original 'Road' colourway of black, white and 'Pure Purple', a nod to Barkley's time with the Phoenix Suns.

Check the images above for a look at the 2015 release, and we'll keep you updated with the latest infomation regarding the imminent comeback.

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