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The Hundreds X Disney The Lost Boys Collection 1
The Hundreds X Disney The Lost Boys Collection 1
The Hundreds X Disney The Lost Boys Collection 1

The Hundreds X Disney - The Lost Boys Collection

The Lost Boys have always been a metaphor for The Hundreds and now the loveable larrikins are the centre of the newest Hundreds collection. If you recall, they’re the ragtag set of mischievous kids who spend their days fighting pirates and defying age with the rest of Neverland in the Peter Pan story. As Bobby explains 'The Hundreds is exactly that, we’ve always felt forever young as long as we continue to live off our dreams. Fighting pirates, authority, corporate or bootleggers, however you may interpret that. The metaphor even extends into both of our store buildouts, with the skull-and-bones representation, THSF’s Skull Rock wall (Captain Hook’s home), and if you look closely within that store, you’ll see that the clothes are hanging on miniature Captain-esque hooks.'

Each of the Lost Boys gets their own t-shirt, offered in their own unique colorway and of course The Hundred's iconic black. There are only 200 of each character, in each colorway, produced worldwide. Running alongside the collection is a pair of limited-edition New Era 59/50 fitted baseball caps to coincide with the project. There are two hats, the first correlating with Peter Pan’s hat, constructed of a green felt, 3-D embroidered Pan feather and the script on the backside. The second hat is Captain Hook’s rendition, made of black felt and accented with Hook’s 3-D embroidered skull-and-bones.  There are only 100 of each hat available for sale, worldwide.

THE HUNDREDS x DISNEY drops this Thursday, December 11th, 2008 at The Hundreds Los Angeles and The Hundreds San Francisco, along with the following select TH retailers across the States.

Premium Goods (Houston, Texas)
The Reed Space (NYC, New York)
Palace 5ive (Washington, D.C.)
Shoe Gallery (Miami, Florida)

For more information watch the video here

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