The Future Is Here – Unboxing The Self Lacing Nike Mag 1
The Future Is Here – Unboxing The Self Lacing Nike Mag

The Future Is Here €

After 27 years of waiting, Nike has finally made good on their promise of self-lacing Mags. Raffled off earlier this month in support of the Michael J. Fox Foundation, more than 675 thousand tickets were purchased by hopeful punters, praying they’d take home the ultimate in high-tech footwear. Sadly, there were only 89 pairs to go around, so chances are high that you didn't hit the jackpot in the draw.

The winners have now started receiving their pairs in the mail and have been quick to share their spoils on social media. If, like us, you have been curious to know just what was included in the specially delivered packages from the Swoosh, lucky Back to the Future fan Dave Patino has shared the full unboxing to YouTube. Despite the ludicrous money these pairs have been garnering, this is one sneakerhead that couldn’t wait to get them on his feet – and who can blame him!

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