ARTICLE BY Shay Colley
Skating In Nmds
Skating In Nmds
Skating In Nmds

The First NMD Retro Has Already Been Skated

In footage that’s sure to bring tears to the eyes of ardent hype-beasts and thirsty nomad fans, Australian ex-pro skater Al Boglio can be seen skating in the adidas NMD_R1. And not just any NMD either, it looks like he’s been hooked up with the highly anticipated retro of the OG colourway months before it’s due to release. We’re pretty sure it’s the retro –  dragging the mesh of the original against coarse grip-tape is pretty opulent (although not unfathomable). It’s not the first time heated sneakers have been skated, remember when Jenkem put the Yeezy 350 through its paces? Although in this instance it's more fun than flex.

Watch Boglio, now Cliché skateboards Brand Manager, winding the clock back with some enjoyable NMD powered slappies in the clips below.




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