Air Jordan Gamma Blue On Foot
Air Jordan Gamma Blue On Foot
Air Jordan Gamma Blue On Foot

The Dopest Sneaker Video You Will Ever See

Whoah, whoah, simmer down, reader! Dopeness is subjective and varies by culture, we can't guarantee you're going to think this is the dopest sneaker video you will ever see. We've surely seen some doper stuff, we've made a few videos ourselves, and our boy Foamer Simpson certainly has a red hot go too, but we love passion for sneakers and confidence in yourself here at SF and Watts Goodie has certainly got both. He's been in the YouTube unboxing and on-foot video game for a while now and has built a thriving following who fawn over his latest ball boot pickups, but he's just stepped his game up big time, hollering at an experienced videographer and making his first truly drool-worthy video. He's taken the Air Jordan 11 Gamma Blue to the beach rocks and had his cameraman capture it from all angles – it's some amazing free PR for Jordan Brand because this shoe looks off the hook. Before uploading this video though, Goodie filmed himself talking about how excited he was to be working with a videographer and how his videos from now on are gonna change the game. He sensationally titled that manifesto 'THE DOPEST SNEAKER VIDEO YOU WILL EVER SEE'. He then hollered at us on Twitter telling us that this Gamma Blue video is the 'craziest on-foot video we'll ever see'. We have nothing but respect for a man who makes such claims and just may have backed them up. Keep 'em coming, Goodie!



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