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The Cool Kids Bringing U201988 Back Australian Tour 2
The Cool Kids Bringing U201988 Back Australian Tour 2
The Cool Kids Bringing U201988 Back Australian Tour 2

The Cool Kids Bringing ’88 Back Australian Tour

Opulent and Laneway Festival are proud to present The Cool Kids bringing ’88 back Australian tour.

Hailing from Chicago, The Cool Kids have risen from underground sensations to the stars of the CMJ music industry festival in 2007. They’re heralded across the globe for their golden-age hip-hop sound that captures all the swagger of the late 80s in a completely fresh way.

The Cool Kids’ style contrasts starkly to the current sounds of disposable, over-produced hip-hop. Rhyming precisely over sparse, bass-heavy beats – it’s almost as if Run DMC and N.E.R.D got together for their ultimate-fun side-project. Team this with a killer live show and an aesthetic straight out of Spike Lee's Do The Right Thing, it’s obvious The Cool Kids are set to take over.

The Cool Kids burst on the scene after MCs Mikey and Chuck met over Myspace with the intention of forming a production duo, but after Chuck started rhyming, The Cool Kids was born. Their first tracks, I Rock and ’88, gained them a frenzied hype thanks to taste-making music blogs and had everyone craving their spaced-out beats and Chicago-style raps.

This internet hype gave them a lot of fame, fast. They signed a one-off deal with the respected DJ A-trak (Kanye West’s DJ) on his new label, Fool’s Gold, which boasts Flosstradamus and Kid Sister on the roster.

The release, Gold and a Pager, saw The Cool Kids win new fans and before long they had a guest verse from ‘the greatest rapper in the world’ Lil Wayne and had landed the US national support for MIA (by her request).

The Cool Kids were hot property. Fader Magazine put them on their CMJ festival show alongside SantoGold, which only fuelled The Cool Kids’ fire. The show brought the house down and had the CEO of Warner trying to buy them a beer, but they didn’t let it go to their heads.

Now they’re set to release their EP The Bake Sale via Chocolate Industries and have the music scene eager for more of their RUN-DMC throwback tracks that embodies everything great about the 80s while bringing something new.

The Cool Kids sound

You can see the video to the track Black Mags here - https://www.youtube.com/embed/b34U3-CutuU

And download Black Mags here - http://opulentmagazine.com/uploads/music/Coolkids/Blackmags.mp3

And download Gold and A Pager here - http://opulentmagazine.com/uploads/music/Coolkids/Goldandapager.mp3

THE COOL KIDS – ‘Bringing ’88 back Australian tour’ dates

Perth - 22nd Feb - sideshow presented with The Blender @ The Manor: tickets at Highs and Lows

Melbourne - 23rd Feb - sideshow presented with Favela Rock @ Miss Libertine: tickets at Mostix.com.au, Provider,,

Miss Libertine and The Heist

Melbourne - 24th Feb - Laneway Festival Melbourne (sold out)

Adelaide - 28th Feb - sideshow presented with SoCo Cargo party: tickets on the door

Sydney - 29th Feb - sideshow presented with Jimmy Sing @ Oxford Arts Factory: tickets at Moshttix.com.au

Brisbane - 1st Mar - Laneway Festival Brisbane (Moshtix.com.au) and sideshow presented with Whiskey Tears @ Barsoma: tickets at Barsoma: tickets at Oztix.com.au

Sydney - 2nd Mar - Laneway Festival Sydney: (Mosthix.com.au)

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