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09 Mar 2019

Industry News

The Best Videos of Vans Landing the Right Side Up

Vans Old Skool Vans ChallengeVans Old Skool Vans Challenge

With Damn Daniel scoring a Jay-Z reference, and now a new viral tossing challenge, we’ve decided have taken on guerrilla marketing and they’re very good at it.

The new challenge — which involves people throwing their Vans and marvelling as they land right-side-up — has turned the internet into an even bigger group of tossers, this time armed with flying footwear.

As an excuse to trawl Twitter for stupid videos, we collated the best of the Vans challenge for you below.

Vans employees even gave it a go.

As did Vans co-founder, Steven Van Doren.

And then there were the automotive takes.

Then, for some reason, this.

And someone even found something useful to do with Crocs.

09 Mar 2019

Industry News

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