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The Best Reactions to Our Yeezy Yandhi April Fools Prank

Adidas Yeezy 700 Boost Yandhi Album April Fools HalfAdidas Yeezy 700 Boost Yandhi Album April Fools Half

A few hours ago we ‘broke news’ about a Calabasas teen named Braxtyn in his Yeezy 700s that contained  unreleased Yhandi album. (No, there is not a USB in your . Do not cut up your shoes. Or do… live your life.)

Nearly everyone understood this was a ruse. Maybe it was because the second track on the ‘album’ was French for April Fools, or because the tracklist spelled out ‘April Fools’ like an acrostic poem, or because no one calls their kid Braxtyn with a ‘y’ (we hope).

Of those that got it, there were plenty acting mightier than thou because they had a calendar, but others joined in on the joke and it spread like wildfire. The latter group has our day, so we’ve decided to share our favourite reactions.

It turns out, plenty of people want others to cut up their Yeezys. Some even sacrificed their own Yeezy 700s for the gag.

In terms of actual reporting, Hypebeast covered it in their best-of April Fools recap, and sites like Hot New Hip Hop, Footwear News, Highsnobietyand a dozen others had a laugh. The best, though, has to Vietnamese site  GENK who included their own download link.

There’s this excited clip.

And this somber-sounding video.

And this copycat killer.

And one industrious eBay user already has the stick, which isn’t real, up for auction.

Trolls on forums were rife, with people on Kanye-to-the egging on aspiring Yeezy surgeons ‘for the culture’.

And Reddit users mocking anyone who might have actually taken a knife to their beloved.

It’s truth time from r/Sneakers

Well done to this person for getting the joke in minutes.

And apologies to this Facebook user who cut up her boyfriend’s pair and only found candy corns.

Thanks to everyone for playing along. We’ll see you again next year.

Read the original April Fools prank .

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