Jonah Hill x adidas Samba Tech Copper
Jonah Hill x adidas Samba Tech Copper
Jonah Hill x adidas Samba Tech Copper

The Bargain Bin: The Best Sneakers On Sale This Month

We love a bargain. You love a bargain. Everybody loves a bargain! Nowadays, the sale section at every major retailer is bursting at the seams, and with large amounts of product dropping on the regular, we can see why. Sometimes it can be a little bit overwhelming, with the sheer amount of items available occasionally causing you to miss the best of the best.

Alas! You no longer need to stress the sale because we've just come through with our monthly edition of the Bargain Bin! Within the confines of this post will be the crème de la crème of discounted sneakers. That's right, we've trawled the interwebs and curated the top-shelf kicks on sale this month. We're talking Jonah Hill x adidas, Air Max, Nike Space Hippie, and Salomon XT-4s!


Nike NDSTRKT Air Max 95 'Neon'

Towards the tail end of last year, while everyone was hoping that the OG Nike Air Max 95 'Neon' would return, Team Swoosh dropped this tank of a shoe. Crafted in the image of its OG 'Neon' predecessor, it was dubbed the NDSTRKT, and was a beefed-up version of the regular AM95. Rocking the Black/Neon Yellow/Medium Grey colour combination, ballistic mesh and an aggressive cage surround the outside. To make it just as visible when the sun goes down, reflective hits were added throughout.

Nike's OG Air Max 95 'Neon' was a hard cop! If you missed out, get the next best thing. They're available right now.

Jonah Hill x adidas Samba 'Tech Copper'

Last year, actor and style icon Jonah Hill linked with adidas to drop a trio of tonal Sambas following the release of their inaugural Superstar. Inspired by Jonah's 90s upbringing surrounded by skate culture, music and fashion, they were a big hit. While they mostly sold out, some pairs have been forgotten, left to sit in the sale section. For example, the 'Tech Copper' pair is available right now in most sizes.

Nike Space Hippie 04

Last year, Nike's Space Hippie tech exploded onto the scene as a futuristic take on sustainability in the sneakersphere. It was an instant hit! The initial pack included four distinct models, with at least 85 per cent of each shoe created using upcycled 'space junk' – whether that be waste sourced from t-shirts or plastic water bottles.

Over a year since it first debuted, and Nike's Space Hippie aesthetic is now fully integrated into the sneakerverse, and a few of the models even hit the sale section from time to time. This low-key Space Hippie 04 is ready to cop right now.

Salomon XT-4

Urban hikers the world over have adopted Salomon's XT-4 and XT-6 silhouettes as their go-to daily driver. This global embrace stems from the fact they're a great choice when you need to switch between navigating the concrete jungle and climbing rigorous mountain trails. While becoming increasingly popular with every release, you'll occasionally get a certain colourway that will go on sale.

This Mulberry/Ebony/White combo from Salomon's Spring/Summer 2021 collection has been discounted. Check it out!

Story MFG x Reebok Club C 85

Story MFG are masters of their craft. Based in the United Kingdom, they pride themselves on their connection to the earth, creating clothes with a heavy focus on sustainability. Tapped by Reebok, they reworked the Club C and Beatnik with undyed linen earlier this year.

While the Beatnik flew, the Club C remained on shelves, and now a lucky few will have the chance to cop at a discount.

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