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The Amazing 'Shoe Some Love' Charity is Back!

Shoe Some Love Charity

Last year, we witnessed the German sneaker community come together for the Shoe Some Love charity, where local sneakerheads donated creps, that were otherwise collecting dust, to people who needed them most. Led by charities SEEK and One Warm Winter, the campaign was able to collect nearly 1000 pairs in two weeks for those who were less fortunate.

Good news: it's back this year – once again aiming to provide sturdy footwear for those living under the poverty line. This year kicks will be collected at 43einhalb, Acribik, Allike and Overkill. In addition to the collection, there will be a couple of sought-after pairs auctioned off on eBay, with the proceeds being donated to Caritas Berlin Arztmobil.

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