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Sydney Sneaker Swap Meet Photos 14
Sydney Sneaker Swap Meet Photos 14
Sydney Sneaker Swap Meet Photos 14

Sydney Sneaker Swap Meet - Photos!!!

From the very beginning of the day the beer was flowing and the shoes were kicking...looking for a new home and a new owner to cherish them. There were tables of the hottest shoes coming from every direction, thanks to JDS, Ritchie and the [another], Mr V, 9.5, SP1 and Iori plus a host of others who had spent the whole morning getting there stands all decked out and pimped.

From the get go there were people rolling in and the day continued to be a great success with loads of proddy hunters, curious cats and sneaker crew milling around the awesome space provided by the good folk at the Stussy Store on Brisbane St. There was Red Bull, pizzas and beer to keep the crowds buzzing with trepidation as to who was going to find that one holy grail they had been searching for their whole sneaker obsessed lives!

Not only were there sneakers for sale, but plenty of tees to buy to match out your wears. Iori and Timbo's Sydpreme tees made a welcome comeback battling it out for number one spot over Memphis's Melpreme shirts. Take ya side, I aint gunna!

It was also a perfect opportunity for the kids on the forum to mingle and put names to faces. Regular culprits Dirtyfresh, JDS, Mr V,Ritchie, .Jerome, Timbo, 9.5 plus a host of others chewed the fat and once again competed to see who could down the most free beer and Red Bull and pull the most chicks. Unfortunately for JDS the Red Bull girls refused him his jagerbombs!

As stated above Mr Hans DC held it down for SNKRFRKR HQ taking the trek with a massive hangover, a box full of Issue 10 (sydney folk were the first to get the ish!) and his cam. And we managed to get some parting words from the man himself,

"Finally awaken from a weekend of non-stop action. I bet JDS is feeling it right now....

To be honest, many that I spoke to had doubts about this event. Even I at some stage. But the venue was actually bigger than what I had expected and presently cleaned out of everything so all the sellers had heaps of room for their proddy.

What was most surprising was that everyone who should have been there (ie. Sydney SF crew) turned up pretty much at the crack of noon....and by half past there was already at least 100 peeps at the meet. Then people kept coming. It was steadily busy till at least 4pm....which I thought was great.

In my eyes, I think Iori did an excellent job for the first ever Sydney swap meet. It was cook to see so much support and love (even tho some of the same people had earlier doubted the success of this event)

Many props to Iori and his crew for putting this together...also thanks to SP1 for their contribution and help..and whoever else was involved. Not forgetting Rogers beer too. There was lots of it around.


I had a great weekend and Im excited to see what the next one will like. I'm sure it will be even bigger and better.

Thanks Sydney!

(note the bottles of Pelligrino on the table..methinks the free beer had taken its toll!!!)

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