Swarovski Blings Out the Nike Air Force 1

Swarovski are preparing to level-up another classic Nike silhouette, and this latest Air Force 1 collaboration is among their wildest yet.

There's every chance that this creation's avant-garde aesthetic will mean that it won't be adopted by the vast majority, however, there's no doubt that there should be an appreciation for its detailing either way. Set to land in a duo of triple white and triple black colourways, crystal adorned overlay panels have been added onto each sneaker, rather than the bling being applied directly to the leather – a super different look to their previous colabs. Swarovski branding doesn't appear on the shoe, but like all of its predecessors, that's no matter when crystals are there to shine things up.

An extra level of complexity is added into the mix as you'll see that each pair will arrive with a screwdriver so that the panels may be removed at the wearers discretion.

Feeling like the overlay addition is ringing a bell somewhere deep in your long-term memory? You may be thinking back to the Commes des Garçon x Nike Air Force 1 from 2017, in which dinosaur-inspired moulds were attached to the toe box of each pair.

When it comes to the history of the Austrian crystal dealer's sneaker collaborations, this latest AF-1 certainly stands out from the rest. The Air Max 97 is also extremely familiar with crystal embellishment, as is the Dunk Low thanks to its Cactus Plant Flea Market makeover.

Will the shoe look better with or without the panels? Only time will tell that one. Stay tuned for upcoming release details.

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