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Swagger Casio Gshock Dw000 570X427 2
Swagger Casio Gshock Dw004 570X712 1
Swagger Casio Gshock Dw003 570X712 1
Swagger Casio Gshock Dw001 570X712 1
Swagger Casio Gshock Dw002 570X712 1
,Swagger Casio Gshock Dw005 570X507 1

Swagger X G-Shock 5600

Japanese hip hop inspired label Swagger steps up to do its bit for the ‘Shock the World’ campaign with this limited edition G-Shock. Taking its cues from Swagger’s ‘Tokyo is Yours’ range, the timepiece features a vivid pink lcd display, a Swagger backlight and a special engraved back panel. Limited to just one hundred units these will be available at Swagger stores in February. Source Freshness.

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