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Superviralscom Big Prizes For Big Ideas 1
Superviralscom Big Prizes For Big Ideas 1
Superviralscom Big Prizes For Big Ideas 1

Supervirals.Com - Big Prizes For Big Ideas!

The SuperVirals website just launched on the 20th July and they have invited Sneaker Freaker readers to be 'VIP Testers' and have a shot at $3,000! Their comp is to create an idea to make SuperVirals famous. The winning entry as voted by your peers is awarded $3,000 cash prize. In August, the team at SuperVirals will be hosting a Sneaker Freaker competition so keep your eyes peeled..

This is from the team at SuperVirals..

"SuperVirals is where top brands reward your original ideas with stonking great prizes. Which means not only is it the place to check out and share the best new viral stuff, but if your crazy idea goes wild on the web you’ll win big too!

Why bother uploading your ideas to other sites where you get nothing for your efforts?!

If your idea gets checked out the most then you win big - think shiny new cars and beer by the truckload!

SuperVirals is NOT about homemade ads – it’s where you’ll find the best in fresh, grassroots creative ideas - The sort of stuff everyone comes up with!"

So take a look and take part in the launch competition at www.supervirals.com

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