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Stupid And Savage Sneaker Thieves Caught And Charged

Thumb Sneaker RobberyThumb Sneaker Robbery
Sneaker Robbery

The latest instance of sneaker crime in the US has ended like almost every other attempt; in the thugs getting caught. Three teenage wannabe movie villains in Durham, North Carolina rampaged the Soletez Boutique on North Roxboro Street last Friday with guns, scaring the bejesus out of store staff before duct taping their hands and feet, rifling through the cash drawers and stacking as many sneaks as they could hold. The Fuzz showed up just as they were trying to flee the store, so they ran back into the store and were soon found hiding in the bathroom – as any shit-scared teenager who has realised they have f#%&ked up bad and are doomed does. They've been charged with robbery with a dangerous weapon, conspiracy to commit robbery with a dangerous weapon, two counts of second-degree kidnapping and assault by pointing a gun. What a great way to start your adulthood – in jail. Not. One of them was 13 too, so he's headed straight to juvi. Public service announcement to any kids considering doing anything like this – don't! It's completely stupid, you will get caught and ruin your life for a good period of time. You're pretty easily traced when you try to flip these things too. So, put your pieces away and only head to a sneaker store if you wanna cop a fresh pair – sneaker stores should be places of love! News via WNCN.

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