School Janitor Dream Sneakers
School Janitor Dream Sneakers
School Janitor Dream Sneakers

Student Gifts Dream Sneakers to School Custodian

Christmas came early for Stafford High School employee Angel Echevarria. Angel, who works as the school custodian to support his wife and family, was surprised by senior student Tristan McAlister with a very special gift.

Having established a friendship with Angel over the past two years — and discovering their shared passion for sneakers — Tristan asked the hard-working father of four what shoes he should buy next. Angel suggested he buy a pair of Air Jordan 8s, being a massive fan of the model himself.

When Tristan asked Angel if he owned a pair himself, he responded 'No I got four kids. I can’t shop for myself'. In response, Tristan dug deep and bought Angel his very own pair of AJ8s in, what appears to be, the '3peat' colourway.

As is obvious in the video above, posted to Tristan's Twitter account, Angel was blown away by the kind act. 'Just to be able to know that he would be able to bless me with what he did was just amazing. It truly touched my heart,' Angel told NBC Washington.

It can be hard to believe the sincerity in such generous acts when they are publicly shared through social media, but according to Tristan, the video wasn't recorded for the sake of sharing at all. 'Actually, we weren’t going to even videotape but my mom was like, 'I want to see his reaction!'

Enjoy your new shoes Angel!

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