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Stolen StockX Customer Data is Allegedly Being Sold on the Dark Web

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Just hours after released an in response to recent ‘suspicious activity’ involving stolen customer information, it has been alleged the data has found its way onto the dark web.

According to TechCrunch security editor Zack Whittaker, the stolen data is valued at approximately $300, with one confirmed purchase already made.

To add to this, Whittaker also claims the online market place wasn’t entirely truthful regarding the ‘suspicious activity’.

‘An unnamed data breached seller contacted TechCrunch claiming more than 6.8 million records were stolen from the site in May by a hacker. The seller declined to say how they obtained the data,’ says Whittaker in a recent article.

‘The seller provided TechCrunch a sample of 1,000 records. We contacted customers and provided them information only they would know from their stolen records, such as their real name and username combination and shoe size. Every person who responded confirmed their data as accurate.’

We’ll keep following the saga and report back with any developments. Stay tuned!

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