Stolen Yeezys Recovered from U-Haul
Stolen Yeezys Recovered from U-Haul
Stolen Yeezys Recovered from U-Haul

$250,000 Worth of Yeezys Recovered From Stolen U-Haul

When you search for Yeezy news, you expect to see reports of Kanye West and adidas' latest and greatest models like the Yeezy 450, Yeezy Foam Runner and Yeezy 700 V3. What you don't expect is to hear that a quarter-million dollars of Yeezys were stolen, then found. However, that's exactly what happened in Portland, Oregon this week.

After a U-Haul truck containing 1,100 pairs of Yeezys was stolen in the city, officers from the Portland Police Department's North Precinct tracked the truck down and arrested 26-year-old Rupert Cabrial Crosse (no, it wasn't Pete Davidson), who's since been charged with aggravated theft and possession of a stolen vehicle per court documents viewed by Oregon Live. Crosse has yet to be tried and sentenced, but already has multiple pending cases for unrelated offences.

As can be seen in the Portland Police Department's tweet above, the truck's bay is filled with brown shipping boxes, similar to the ones used to send out adidas' e-commerce orders. Complex have pointed out that the police's value estimation of the shoes in the truck places each pair at an average of $227, in the neighbourhood of what most Yeezys cost at retail, which means the total resell value of the stolen-and-recovered kicks would likely be considerably higher!

If you're the morally upstanding type who'd rather pay for their Yeezys than try to steal them (good on you!) check out our Where to Buy guide for the Yeezy 450 'Cinder' here.

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