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Stephen Marbury Has Choice Words For 'Brainless' BBB

Stephen Marbury Big Baller BrandStephen Marbury Big Baller Brand
Stephen Marbury Big Baller Brand 1

Stephen Marbury is the latest to join a fast-growing list of basketball personalities voicing objections to . The former NBA All Star is known for his somewhat maligned Starbury sneakers, which – like Shaq’s – are made to an affordable price point in order to be fiscally accessible.

The NY Post reports that Marbury, appearing recently at a New York University opening, had this to say about Big Baller Brand's pricing: ‘When I see a sneaker for over $400, for me, that’s kind of brainless because it doesn’t cost that much to make.’ He went on to say that, , he respects the hustle. ‘I like the idea of them wanting to own their own brand. I do like that idea, just not for the price tag.’

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