Steph Curry Could Sign a $1 Billion Lifetime Contract

NBA great Steph Curry is set to lock in a lifetime contract with Under Armour, worth $1 billion.

According to Rolling Stone, Curry – who sat down for the magazine’s September Issue cover story – is yet to secure the contract. Contextualising the situation, Forbes confirm that the four-time NBA icon is locked into an existing contract with Under Armour that’s due to expire in 2024. That contract is reportedly worth $20 million annually. Looking back further, Curry left Nike in 2013 for Under Armour, where he was offered a contract valued at $4 million annually.,

It seems Curry will continue to operate co-brand, Curry Brand, with Under Armour, which features a line of basketball and golf apparel, under the new contract.

Earlier this year, LeBron James achieved billionaire status. His excessive wealth was attributed to a mixture of basketball and non-basketball-related investments, earning hundreds of millions of dollars each from being an athlete, sports investments, and general entrepreneurship.

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