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10 May 2009

Industry News

Stefan Janoski Interview (Nike SB)

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Stefan Janoski Interview 2
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Stefan Janoski Interview Nike Sb 2
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Stefan Janoski Interview Nike Sb 4
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Two months shy of his 30th birthday, laconic Cali skater Stefan Janoski is about to celebrate another massive milestone in his life - the release of his very own Nike! With the impending drop of his Nike Zoom SB shoe, Janoski has become only the second pro-skater in Nike SB history to have his own signature shoe - the other, of course being. We got the low-low on the story behind the man behind the shoe and found out just how hyped this boater has become, with kids following Janoski around skate parks with video cameras trying to catch a glimpse of his toots. Get ready to pop your corks!

Hey Stefan... what’s been going on lately?
I was just out in China recently skating with the Nike SB Amateur team. They are out there filming for the new SB AM video, Debacle. I was along for the ride trying to get some photos for my new shoe.

Tell me about this new shoe you have coming out?
I just wanted it to be a mix of an old school skate shoe and Sperry Top Sider.

What’s a Sperry Top Sider?
It’s a boat shoe. I wanted function over protection.

Who did you work with at Nike to design your first signature model?
James Arizumi did it. He interpreted my vision for the shoe pretty perfectly. It did take a while, mostly because Nike wanted it to protect people’s feet, so we looked at doing a cup-sole but we just couldn’t get it as slim as I wanted it to be. I wanted it to be really low and minimal, so we went with the vulcanised sole. I also wanted the upper to be simple and basic so nothing could rip.

Except for the skateboarder wearing the shoes...

There’s some unique innersole concept with your shoe too, right?
I think James came up with the idea for the cork innersole. It’s the best idea; it’s actually a proper cork wine bottle. Unfortunately I think we are going to be running with the airbag one since people like heel protection. But, between you and me, the cork one is better.

What gave James the inspiration for the cork innersole then?
I appreciate a fine wine and my Dad has a vineyard and grows wine grapes. We were going for the whole classic feel with the logo being like an old medicinal label and I guess they used cork in those bottles. It feels nice and looks really good.

I’ve heard there are some unique colourways coming up down the track. Can you give us some insight into those?
I really want to keep the colours cool and try to use materials that aren’t used that much. The shoe is really simple so it’s not that hard. I think there is an Emerald Green Python coming out, or maybe it’s crocodile. Hopefully a corduroy one will drop but there will definitely be some leather ones.

You’ve been wearing the shoes for a while now but they are only just about to drop to the public. What’s up with that?
I honestly don’t know man. I guess it just takes time. I’m still getting samples.

People seem to be pretty excited about it coming out...
You’re telling me. Some kid in Europe was so stoked to see my new shoe samples that he just filmed my feet as I was rolling around the skate park and put it on YouTube. I didn’t even do anything, maybe a few ollies. He was obviously psyched about them though.

Any big launch plans for the release?
I think there’s going to be a big launch party in LA. Michael Leon is working on it, and he’s weird so it's going to be a really weird party!

Thanks Stefan!

Interview courtesy of Middsy....

10 May 2009

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