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Staygold Thief 1
Staygold Thief 1
Staygold Thief 1

Staygold Stolen!

Stay Gold hard drives and computer stolen

Emerica $ 10.000,- REWARD for the one who brings back the hard drives or computer

No one can argue that Emerica has had its share of setbacks when it comes to the StayGold video. Last night an emotional Don Brown, Emerica’s VP of Marketing, sent out the following statement: “I am very sad that I have to announce that StayGold will be postponed again. The film was finished and ready for production. Unfortunately over the weekend all equipment, including the hard drives and computer with all footage, got stolen from the editor’s house in New York. Worst case scenario this means the team has to start filming from scratch again, unless someone can return the hard drives or computer. I have faith in the skate scene. Although I’m furious that someone has taken our precious material I have high hopes that the power we have as a community can bring us back our belongings. If anyone has found the hard drives or knows where we can find them please contact us directly at [email protected]. The one that sends us the tip that will get us the drives or computer back will be rewarded with $ 10.000,-. All people at Emerica are thankful for your help.”

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