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13 Jan 2010

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Star Wars X adidas Recap

Adidas Star Wars Micropacer 2 G19763 1Adidas Star Wars Micropacer 2 G19763 1
Adidas Star Wars Micropacer G19763 1
Adidas Star Wars Zip Up Track Top 1
Starwars Micropacer Sideon 1
Adidas Storm Trooper 2 G13296 1
Adidas Star Wars Storm Trooper Tee 1
Stormtrooper Sneakers 1
Adidas Storm Trooper G13296 1
Adidas Darth Vader 3 G13298 1
Adidas Star Wars Darth Vader Cape 1
Adidas Darth Vader G13298 1
Darth Vader Sideon 1
Xwing Print 1
Adidas Yoda Boat 2 G19786 1
Adidas Yoda Boat G19786 1
Adidas Star Wars Tee 2 1
Adidas Millenium Falcon 2 G17360 1
Adidas Millenium Falcon G17360 1
Adidas Forum At At G17354 1
Adidas Forum At At 2 G17354 1
Adidas The Fighter G17369 1
Vader Jacket Closeup 1
Adidas The Fighter 2 G17369 1
Adidas Super Death Star 2 G17706 1
Adidas Star Wars Hoody 2
Adidas Super Death Star Star Wars G17706 1
Adidas Skywalker G13297 1
Skywalker2 1
Skywalker Sideon 1
Adidas Star Wars Hoody Rear 1
Adidas Princess Leia 2 G19854 01 1
Adidas Princess Leia G19854 1
Adidas X Wing G17353 1
Adidas X Wing 2 G17353 1
Adidas Darth Vader Side G17708 01 1
Adidas Star Wars Tee 1
Darthvader Shelltoe 1
Adidas Star Wars Track Top 1

When it comes to streetwear remixing pop culture, the Star Wars franchise has long been a prototypical source of creative amusement and visual inspiration. From hairy Wookies to Stormtrooper helmets and Yoda's new-age psychobabble, George Lucas' knack for creating legends is cinematically unparalleled, as was his ability to cash in by creating myriad merchandise variations.

Now adidas has joined the Dark Side (sorry) to create this intergalactic pack of apparel and footwear. There's track tops, retro Star Wars tees and a galaxy of shoes made to honor key figures from the first film. The headline act is definitely Lord Vader. His black quilted ZX runners and matching trakkie top complete with detachable cape is the cosmic egg we'll be fiending for! There are definitely some collector pieces such as the Micropacer to keep the fanboys hooked, as well as some stuff that should be widely available in all four corners of the universe. Look out for a release in early 2010, but we wouldn't mind betting our Tatooine shekels that this is just the tip of the Naboo iceberg!

Check out our super glossy feature on the full collection here


Global streetwear icon adidas Originals is proud to announce a unique collaboration with one of the world's best known and loved brand marks: STAR WARS(tm). This stellar Spring/Summer 2010 collection fuses iconic STAR WARS(tm) characters and scenes with classic adidas Originals footwear and apparel silhouettes. This collaboration between adidas Originals and Lucasfilm Ltd. "has been
an exciting process," according to Ben Pruess, adidas Originals VP of Product Marketing. "To work with Lucasfilm in bringing a timeless story to life on our products is great. Like adidas Originals, the STAR WARS(tm) brand has a long and rich history of being a leader, leaving an indelible mark on pop culture. For fans of the films, sneaker heads or those that love fun and fresh designs, the collection gives you the chance to find the force or join the dark side." Inspired by the galactic saga, the STAR WARS(tm) collection consists of
limited edition as well as mass distribution footwear, apparel and accessories for men, women and kids. Classic adidas Originals track tops and several legendary sneaker styles are represented with characters and scenes from the epic saga in reinterpreted versions. Expect to see Darth Vader and Stormtrooper graphics on select iconic Originals styles. Other key STAR WARS(tm) characters and memorable moments from the films will also be represented in innovative, cool ways. The Spring/Summer STAR WARS(tm) collection will be introduced at retail beginning January 2010. Select retailers as well as adidas Originals Stores worldwide will carry the collection. The collaboration will also include a Fall/Winter 2010 line with an exciting new assortment of footwear and apparel.

13 Jan 2010

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