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Staple Oakley Holbrook 9110 1
Staple Oakley Frogskin 01 1 1
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Staple Oakley Holbrook 01 1
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Staple Oakley Frogskin 04 1 1
Staple Oakley Frogskin 9110 1

Staple X Oakley Pt. 3

Early last month we gave you a rundown of the second wave of Staple x Oakley colabs... now strap in for part three! This drop not only pimps out Shaun White's Holbrook, but also gives the Frogskin the long-awaited Pigeon treatment. The Holbrook design takes inspiration from the slopes with polar white rims that fade into the crispy clear plastic arms. The super-limited Frogskins feature frosty translucent plastic (a Frogskins-first!), Staple's Pigeon logo laser-etched on the lens plus a matching blotch of birdie doodoo (because there's nothing wrong with a little dirt!) And if that wasn't enough to convince you to fork out, Oakley's CEO gave the release the ultimate praise: "This is the best Frogskin ever designed. Period." Both models are now available at Reed Space so get in quick if you want to secure a pair. Our guess is that James Jarrett already has his! Thanks to Staple Design for the news.

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