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14 May 2007

Industry News

Stampd' La - Custom Kicks


We got in contact with Christopher at Stampd' LA recently to chat about his custom Converse. Unlike the spate of a backyard 'customizing businesses' we've seen springing up on MySpace, Stampd' LA is a serious operation offering a unique service..

Inspired by Los Angeles culture, Stampd’ LA has devised a way to supply the fashion-conscious a unique and individualistic alternative to shoe design, by creating custom pieces.

Using premium paints and media, Stampd’ LA works directly on 100% authentic Converse Chucks. The shoe has always been popular with customizers due to the large blank white panels and canvas material.

Whilst Chucks and the available designs aren't for all walks, these will definitely strike a chord with the right audience.

Each shoe is guaranteed to be one of a kind and hand painted with the utmost detail and precision. Every pair of Stampd’ LA’s is an original.

What makes Stampd' LA really stand out from the crowd is the online virtual customizing studio. Not unlike the online tools the big guys boast (NikeID, Puma Mongolian BBQ, RBK Custom etc) - through the website customers can design their own shoe allowing them to see their creation before ordering.

Stampd’ LA’s can also be found in exclusive retail stores such as Fred
Segal’s ‘Conveyor’ or ‘The Closet’ located in Santa Monica.

Peep the site for info at

14 May 2007

Industry News

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