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Stages In Miami 1
Shepard Fairey 1
Jose Parla  Lance Armstrong  Dustin Yellin  Dzine 1
Mark Parker And His Daughter Jennifer 1
Os Gemeos And Friends With Mark Parker 1
,Abbey Drucker And Danielle Levitt 1
Cheryl Dunn  Jeff Kling  Valeska Bachauer And Rob Clayton 1
Eric Haze And Allen Benedikt 1
Evan Orensten  Karen Day And Josh Rubin Of Cool Hunting 1
Geoff Mc Fetridge And Friends 1
Erik Parker And Paul Laster 1
Al Moran  Carla Moran  Drieke Leenknegt 1
Dzine 1
Jamie O Shea  Fab 5 Freddy  Shepard Fairey 1
Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn R 1
Bradford Cox  Atlas Sound 1
A Ron And Friends 1
Erik Parker  Jules De Balincourt And Friends 1
Jules De Balincourt 1
Ryder Robinson  Ellen Jong  Eddie Brannan 1
Skye Parrot  Io  Brandee And Alec Friedman 1
Carla Moran And Kaws 1
Jeffrey Deitch And Friend 1
Lance Armstrong 1
Dj Shepard Fairey 1
Jacuzzi Boys And John Mc Swain 1

Stages In Miami

Nike's art exhibition in conjunction with Lance Armstrong and his LIVESTRONG campaign hits Miami for the last stop in the world bending tour. STAGES began its global tour in July during the Tour de France at Paris’ famed Emmanuel Perrotin Gallery. It then moved to New York, and was presented by the renowned Deitch Projects. For its final stop in Miami, STAGES took up residence at Miami O.H.W.O.W. Thanks to Nike, we have an exclusive look into the wrap up party attended by Kaws, Lance Armstrong, Shepard Fairey, Futura and Dzine among other VIPs.

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