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Stadium Goods and Christies Partner for ‘Original Air’ Auction

Air Jordan 1 1985 Shattered Backboard Angled

Talk about rare. Stadium Goods and auction house Christie’s have linked up for an exhibition dubbed ‘Original Air’, highlighting Michael Jordan’s game-worn and signed kicks, as well as ultra-rare Jordan Brand player exclusives. The 11 lots will be going on sale to the public on July 30 via an online-only auction. This will be a once in a lifetime experience, with each pair highlighting an important moment in the GOAT’s career.

Nike Air Ship Game-Worn MJ Player Exclusive

The Nike Air Ship was worn by Michael Jordan during his rookie season in 1984. Game-worn pairs are extremely hard to find, so it’s only right that these are expected to attract between $350,000 and $550,000.

Suss the listing here.

Air Jordan 1 TYPS MJ Signed Player Exclusive

An OG 1985 pair of Air Jordan 1s in the iconic ‘Chicago’ colourway, these were created to meet MJ’s exact specifications. Making these extra special, they also feature a signature from Jordan circa 1986-87.

The listing is here!

Air Jordan 1 'Shattered Backboard' Game-Worn and Signed

Back on August 25, 1985, Michael Jordan was in Italy playing at a Nike-sponsored exhibition game when he performed a dunk so powerful it shattered the backboard. He was wearing this pair of Air Jordan 1s at the time, and it even has a piece of glass still wedged in the sole. They’re also signed and are expected to sell for between $650,000 and $850,000.

Peep the listing.

Air Jordan 4 ‘Fire Red’ Game-Worn and Signed Player Exclusive

Worn in the iconic Chicago Stadium by Michael Jordan during a game against the Atlanta Hawks on November 28, 1989, you bet these Air Jordan 4s would be valuable! With one shoe also signed, they’re expected to pull in upwards of $25,000.

Listing's here.

Air Jordan 5 ‘Fire Red’ Player Exclusive

In a size 13, made for Michael Jordan himself, these Air Jordan 5 ‘Fire Reds’ feature a customised ’23’ embroidered on the heel, plus asymmetrical ankle collars. Debuted in 1990 at the NBA All-Star Weekend by MJ at the 3-point contest, these bad boys are going for upwards of $6,500.

Be sure to check out the listing.

Air Jordan 7 ‘Olympic’ Game-Worn Player Exclusive

Photo matched to the pair Jordan wore in the 1992 Olympic gold medal game against Croatia, where America’s Dream Team won 117-85. This pair of Air Jordan 7s is seriously historic, and was gifted to a receptionist of the Ambassador Hotel in Barcelona.

Suss the listing here.

Air Jordan 10 Sample Baseball Cleat

An extremely rare pair, the Air Jordan 10 Sample Baseball Cleat was created for MJ after his first NBA retirement in 1994. This pair is extremely hard to track down, as there were only ever a few pairs produced.

Go check out the listing!

Air Jordan 10 ‘Shadow’ Player Exclusive

A pair synonymous with Michael Jordan returning to the NBA on March 19, 1995. The Air Jordan 10 ‘Shadow’ was worn during the ’95 Playoffs against the Charlotte Hornets, as it was custom for the Bulls to wear black kicks in the post-season. This size 13 pair is set to bring in upwards of $50,000.

Peep the listing.

Air Jordan 11 ‘Concord’ Game-Worn Player Exclusive

The Air Jordan 11 ‘Concords’ were worn during the whole of Jordan’s full comeback season in 1995-96. This pair is a piece of history, and has been triple-signed by Jordan himself. Expected to sell for $50,000-$65,000, a portion of this sale will be going to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.

Remeber to look at the listing.

Air Jordan 11 ‘Bred’ Player Exclusive

A 1996 ‘Bred’ pair of Air Jordan 11s that were debuted during the Playoffs are a collector’s dream. Expected to fetch between $17,500 and $30,000, you better start saving your dough for this ‘Bred’!

They’re listed here.

Air Jordan 14 ‘Chicago’ Practice-Worn Player Exclusive

A very rare find, this Air Jordan 14 ‘Chicago’ was worn by Michael Jordan during practices between the games of the 1998 NBA Finals, as seen in The Last Dance.

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