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Spader Clothing 4
Spader Clothing 4
Spader Clothing 4

Spader Clothing

Spader Clothing is fast becoming the 'it' brand worn by urban scenesters and celebrities alike. It's definitely starting to make bigger waves as the brand gets national and international exposure from heads such as pop locker Nacho Chop, our good mate Tittsworth and fellow Melbournite Dj Perplex. As the company explains, 'Spader Clothing Australia, better known as Spader, is a quality Australian clothing label founded in 2007. Spader markets and distributes fresh new clothing designs for men and women globally. The clothing is inspired by simplicity and boldness, and represents a fusion of fashion with music, surf, skate, and street cultures within Australia and around the world.' Hit up their blog here to get the lowdown on this simplistic yet successful brand and see why the world loves Spader, man!

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