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23 Nov 2021


Kenny McCormick Is Memorialized on the 'South Park' x adidas NMD R1

'South Park' x adidas NMD R_1 'Kenny'
'South Park' x adidas NMD R_1 'Kenny'
'South Park' x adidas NMD R_1 'Kenny'
'South Park' x adidas NMD R_1 'Kenny'
'South Park' x adidas NMD_R1 'Kenny'

After Stan Marsh met Stan Smith on the latter's namesake shoe, South Park and adidas are back with a beyond-the-grave NMD_R1 that was designed in tribute to Kenny McCormick. The design is centred around a running gag from the show's first five seasons, where Kenny was killed in every episode but then mysteriously showed up in the next episode without so much as a scratch – always wearing his solid orange puffer jacket, which provides the shoe with its base colour.

Kenny's repeated demises in the show were extremely theatrical in nature, and often followed up by Stan Marsh and Kyle Broflovski yelling 'Oh my God, they killed Kenny', and 'You bastards!', respectively. The shoe highlights this signature South Park quote by abbreviating it on the midsole's front brick, while red splotches inspired by pooled blood can be seen on the lateral side, medial side and heel.

Apart from these gory details, there's a row of silver 'staples' running up the toebox, a humorous nod to Kenny's occasional reassembly. Purple and black midsole details nod to the rips and tears that Kenny often suffers from being trampled by animals, lit on fire or a cornucopia of other unfortunate occurrences, and brown collar lining provides a finishing touch of detail by acknowledging the fur hood on his aforementioned jacket.

The South Park x adidas NMD_R1 'Kenny' has yet to receive an official release date, but we'll be sure to bring you more news as soon as it's available.

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