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South Africa Sf10 Review 10
South Africa Sf10 Review 10
South Africa Sf10 Review 10

South Africa Sf10 Review

Up until recently, South Africa has lived on the fringes of the ultimate in pop-culture; the sneaker game. What better way to celebrate the culture and love of sneakers than by bringing to South Africa the top international magazine dedicated to kicks, other than by launching it in one of the hottest cities in the world?

Peepshow, a Johannesburg, South Africa sneaker store came to life with the city's creatives, who were of course excited to get their hands on this collectable piece of pop-culture literature. Professionals, designers,, fashion types, sneaker aficionado's alike revelled in the exceptional coffee and sumptuous treats from the coolest coffee and eatery joint in town; Lulu's, the night was sprinkled with light speeches- all of which shielded everyone from the unforgiving Johannesburg winter. The event was followed by spot prizes of exclusive Sneaker Freaker goodies.

Great pictures, fun MTVbase interviews and timeless conversations about the latest magazine that was finally being brought to the tip of Africa, nurturing the creative juices that abound in the streets of S.A. The simple, yet trendy event saw people connect with the content, share interests and enjoy coffee over a gathering that summed their passion for fly footwear. South Africa welcomed Sneaker Freaker with open arms, and the people look forward to so much more…who knows, perhaps Cape Town will get a taste of the hype in celebrating issue 11! We already can't wait….

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