‘Fukijama Gold’ Nike Air Force 1s Sell for $113,400 at Sotheby’s ‘Entourage’ Auction

Bidding has ended on Sotheby’s ‘The Entourage Collection’ auction, which included a comprehensive selection of exclusive Nike, collaborations celebrating the TV show Entourage. Considered by collectors to be among the rarest Swooshes of all time, memorabilia mavens went big, netting at least $140,000 in total for the product. There was always going to be one obvious standout in the seven sneaker lots: a pair of ‘Fukijama Gold’ Air Force 1s, which closed at a whopping $113,400.

This golden lasered AF-1 was expressly made for select cast members of Entourage back in 2006, and was a plot device for an episode of the show. With only nine pairs in existence, it’s no surprise that the last time a pair was on the market, it sold for $88,200. What punters didn’t expect this time around was that this next pair would not only eclipse this figure – which was a benchmark for the $60,000 to $90,000 estimate – but would actually break the six-digit figure to sell for $113,400!

The next most expensive pairs were the Air Force 1 ‘Premium Georges’ and a Friends and Family edition of the Nike SB Dunk Low ‘Lights Out’ signed by the cast, which went for $12,600 each – a relative bargain at 11 per cent of the cost of the ‘Fukijama’. There was also a pair of F&F SB Dunk samples and another example of AF-1 ‘Premium Georges’ that sold without the price made public, but it’s unlikely they were anywhere near the star of the show.

Recap ‘The Entourage Collection’ lots here. Sotheby’s also recently sold a pair of Nike Air Ships for over $1.4 million! Read about that here.

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