Fake Yeezy Indestructible 1
Fake Yeezy Indestructible 1
Fake Yeezy Indestructible 1

Someone Made 'Indestructible' Fake Off-White Yeezys

You may want to blow these fake Yeezy Off-White’s into oblivion, but you can’t. Some warped mind has made them ‘indestructible’ by packing them with features usually reserved for the military.

Wearers of these gems can enjoy bulletproof, anti-slip soles made from Kevlar, ‘smash-proof’ toe-boxes, and ‘waterproof’ construction. If you don’t believe it, watch this video.

Why make this oddity in the first place? As a website peddling them says, they’re ‘crafted for the bold and the limitless. For those who want to be indestructible.’ However, it’s quick to clarify that these will not turn you into Superman, and they are not an opportunity to test your ballistics: ‘Warning, do not shoot yourself on the feet, we decline responsibility for any such incidents whether in the far west with Joe Dalton or any modern world occurrences.’

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