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SOLEQUAKE Shake the Foundations of Sneaker Cleaning

SOLEQUAKE Powerful Midsole Cleaner

Your midsoles definitely deserve some TLC. They bear the brunt of your daily footwear flex, forming creases and crevices over time – the perfect hiding place for grime. Thankfully, SOLEQUAKE’s German-engineered Powerful Midsole Cleaner is the scum-shattering solution for your filthy footwear woes!

SOLEQUAKE unleashes the ferocious force of half a million ‘Physical Micro Earthquakes’, busting any traces of dirt unfortunate enough to meet your midsoles.

Let’s take a closer look at how SOLEQUAKE are shaking up the very foundations of sneaker cleaning.

Micro Earthquakes Inside!

SOLEQUAKE bottles up patented ‘Physical Micro Earthquakes’ into their Powerful Midsole Cleaner. It’s strong stuff. Throw away that tired toothbrush and leave that elbow grease alone – just let your SOLEQUAKE!

One minute is all it takes to get crispy clean midsoles. Simply spray SOLEQUAKE a few times across your sneakers – as soon as it hits your midsoles, dirt-busting bubbles begin rapidly shaking 8000 times each second to shift the slop off your sneaks. By the time you count to 60, half a million ‘Physical Micro Earthquakes’ have agitated away any mess! Simply wipe off the leftover bubble bath and look at those glistening midsoles.

Good for Soles and Souls

Painted details need not fear being rubbed into a smear, because SOLEQUAKE is safe to use on all materials. Phylon, EVA, rubber – even adidas’ notoriously dirt-magnetic BOOST is no match!

The water-based, pH-balanced, and biodegradable formulation will leave your nostrils free of any noxious fumes, and your skin staying smooth, not scaly. Safe for shoes, skin, and the ecosystem. That’s a win-win-win!

Available from June 6, SOLEQUAKE can be picked up directly from their webstore.

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