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7 Shades Sale Soleheaven 1
7 Shades Sale Soleheaven 1
7 Shades Sale Soleheaven 1

Soleheaven '7 Shades Of Summer' Sale

SoleHeaven often keeps it creative when it comes to their sales, and it's a lot more exciting than straight up discounts. This time they're running a '7 Shades of Summer' sale, where certain coloured paraphernalia is price reduced on different days – stay with us as we run you through the rules of engagement, it's not too complicated. Starting later today, June 24, discounts of up to 65% will be applied just on blue items, then on Tuesday the same will occur with red items only, followed daily by white, grey, black, prints and finishing up with green on Sunday. On Sunday all the coloured sale items not sold out will come back online at reduced prices for a week before resuming normal pricing on Monday, July 8. Got it? Good. Now cop your blue goodies at SoleHeaven here.

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