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Solebox are Celebrating the Nike Air Max 90 in Berlin

Solebox Air Max 90 2019 Event BannerSolebox Air Max 90 2019 Event Banner

German retailer Solebox has partnered with German photographer Kane Holz to produce a photo zine that celebrates the significance in Berlin. The zine is being given away exclusively at Solemart Space, coinciding with an exhibition of behind-the-scenes content, illustrious prints, and much more.

To any  heads in Berlin on December 20: lace up your freshest AM90s and head to Solemart Space at Nürnberger Straße 16, 10789 Berlin for the sneaker shindig. Beats and brews are on the house, and it starts at 7pm.

RSVP to the Facebook event here. See you there!

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