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24 Oct 2009

Industry News

Sole Search - Iphone App

Sole Search 1

Sole Search is the first Iphone App of its kind, catering to a global market of sneaker heads looking for the ultimate shoe stores the world over. Equipped with basic features, SoleSearch alone will allow users to have the ‘everything sneakers' yellow pages at the fancy of their device anywhere they have cellular data service or Wi-Fi capability. On top of this you will also have the option to add stores as you find them. SoleSearch is available for $.99 from the App Store for the iPhone and iPod Touch and also at


Pangea Subsidiaries announces that SoleSearch is available on the App Store. SoleSearch is the first global sneaker directory focusing on the travelling tendencies of today's sneaker enthusiasts. With SoleSearch, Pangea has made it possible to always be connected to sneaker culture no matter where users are on the planet by compiling hundreds of sneaker boutiques across the globe.
"Apps for mobile devices have been a huge product on multiple platforms. Me being an iPhone user, I wasn't able to relate to the booming sensation until we created SoleSearch" said Brandon Williamson, CEO of Pangea. "SoleSearch immediately connects you to the culture all over the world by placing the like minded in the same room with the well dressed. We did the hard part by putting the App together, so relax and take it easy and let your SoleSearch." With the SoleSearch App now available, millions of sneaker enthusiasts will never find themselves unable to find the newest, nicest, most talked about stores.

Key features of the SoleSearch Mobile App include:
o SoleSearch Database - hundreds of independent sneaker boutiques stats (phone number, name, and location) from across the world, or closest to your current or requested location.
o Add-A-Store- Ability to add store suggestions to the ever-growing database of boutiques in case we may have forgotten any.
o Google Maps- SoleSearch is directly tied into the Maps application on the iPhone to give users turn by turn, walking, and public transportation routes to the desired boutique from requested location.
o Bookmarks- ‘Favorite' stores that you have visited or wanted to visit and have them all saved in a different section to always have the ability to reference them.
o Also- more features being developed to be unveiled in future updates to the SoleSearch Mobile App.

"SoleSearch represents an advancement in the culture as a whole. Today more and more individuals are travelling miles around the globe solely to visit the sneaker spots that the people they look up to visit and talk about in interviews. With SoleSearch people are connected at the hip at a time where that's needed as many spots are closing down. It's the ultimate ‘high-five' just to be included amongst the first launch of boutiques to be shown to the world, " says Jason Stewart Owner of ACK in Michigan.

About Pangea Subsidiaries Inc
Pangea Subsidiaries is a parent company that houses several entities within fashion, art, music and philanthropic endeavors. Most notably over elevated brand Persévérer, and Tekh Togo. More information is available at

24 Oct 2009

Industry News

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