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27 Jun 2007

Industry News

Sole Inspiration - Sneaker Exhibit & Drive


JUST FOR KICKS! IN THE STUDIO presents: Sole Inspiration, A Sneaker Benefit @ Sputnik Wed, June 27,th 7pm Brooklyn, NY. IN THE STUDIO will explore the artistry behind the spirited sneaker culture and also, double as a benefit to help less fortunate youths in our community. The event brings the museum to one of Brooklyn's premiere hot spots, Sputnik, in the trendy Fort Greene area. Sneaker Heads are connoisseurs of the footwear culture, seeking out the most exclusive kicks they can find, even going as far as taking their searches worldwide! Hands down, sneaker heads are the tastemakers when it comes to kicks. As they get their hands on exclusive kicks, the trend trickles out to the average sneaker buyer and explodes. Now, sneakers are everywhere. What has evolved is a phenomenon, a vibrant subculture of sneaker enthusiasts or as they might call themselves..sneaker heads! IN THE STUDIO embraces this movement and literally places it on a pedestal as a work of art. In addition to enjoying a live experience in the arts, patrons and organizational participants can make donations to the homeless at HELP ONE, a family shelter in the East New York, Brooklyn. The most exclusive and unique sneakers will be placed on exhibit with images and videos of the sneaker world projected on a screen. Graffiti artists will be interspersed in the exhibition space, creating in the moment, using sneakers as their canvasses. All the while, patrons will be rocked by the sounds of DJ NessDigi spinning hip-hop classics and great cocktails, creating an unforgettable, sole-full experience.



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27 Jun 2007

Industry News

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