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07 Aug 2007

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Snkrfrkr Issue 10 Launch - Melbourne

Snkrfrkr Issue 10 Launch Melbourne 9

Jamming the oft hidden Manchester Lane in Melbourne's CBD, SNKRFRKR and its freakers took over in a HUGE way, celebrating not only the launch of our illustious "little" magazine, but also the Grand Opening of Melbourne's new stoop wars hangout PRVDR.

The free beer ran out so quickly that there were plenty of panic runs to the local pub to get more and more cartons, but the cold weather and the fast drinking took its toll and the liquid gold eventually ran out, however, no one seemed to mind. Plenty of peeps holding paper baggies hiding long necks didnt seem to be fazed by the icy cold July night.

The highlight of the night was the debut of the ultra limited SNKRFRKR scarf. Team SF (Woody, Remi, Hans DC and Mafia) rocked up to the event extra warm, and extra hyped with their mint green SF colours causing a commotion among the punters who all quickly dove into their wallets to get their mitts on the biggest selling piece from the genius mind of SF head honcho Woody. Still available, but in very limited numbers, hit up the SNKRFRKR shop now!

It was, of course, all about the "hot off the press" issue 10! The launch saw an unprecedented sell out of all the mags that were available on the night, giving us an indication on just how massive Sneaker Freaker Magazine is becoming. Thinking there would only be 40 or so punters coming down to join in the festivities, we were all taken aback when we discovered a sardine can packed venue, with peeps spilling into the laneway all night long. Easily the biggest and best issue to date, with 5 exclusive covers to collect another first for SNKRFRKR is the inclusion of a cover without featuring a sneaker on it, the Nike Tech Pack Jacket cover.

And what would a SNKRFRKR launch party be without some neck breaking heat on the feets? There was plenty to oggle at, LDN EM's awesome Joy Division/Supreme inspired customs, Memphis's jaw dropping AD21 colourway Nike ID's, the copious amount of Black/Persian BWs and of course the talk of the night, JDS's Laser Blue JD Sport exclusive Air Max 90's (featured below with Woody's Nike ID's)

In the house were the usual suspects, all those familiar faces from the forums, Nike Reps, Store Owners, Scenesters, Sneaker lovers and first timers. It was an awesome opportunity to catch up with old mates, and also to put faces to new board member's names. The atmosphere was vibin' (partly due to the extra quick consumption of free alcohol and empty bellies), but mostly due to the fact that we have created this amazing community of sneaker lovers in Melbourne and we are the hometown of the dopest shoe magazine in the world!

And more...

Oh, and what the heck...a few more

All in all, it was truly a night to remember (and I know plenty of us that are still trying to remember!). Big thanks go out to Chris, Mel, Larry, Jules and Memphis for providing (ha!) the space to let us party, Woody for continually producing the freshest sneaker magazine in the world, Nike for all their continued support (Despina for the images!), all the forum members who keep SNKRFRKR alive and kicking day in day out, every single person that rocked up to show their support and celebrate with us...but most of all thanks must go out to the SNEAKER...for if it wasnt for you, where would we all be????

More pics up here!

(also more pics on age 4/5/and 6 of the forum thread!)

07 Aug 2007

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