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Snkr Frkr Test Rides The Nike Hypervenom Ii

Nike Hypervenom Ii ThumbNike Hypervenom Ii Thumb
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Nike Hypervenom Ii 2
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Nike Hypervenom 2 Design Sketches 4
Nike Hypervenom 2 Design Sketches 3
Nike Hypervenom 2 Design Sketches 2
Nike Hypervenom 2 Design Sketches 1
Sf Test Ride Hypervenom 2 1Thumb
Sf Test Ride Hypervenom 2 16
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Sf Test Ride Hypervenom 2 9
Sf Test Ride Hypervenom 2 8
Sf Test Ride Hypervenom 2 7
Sf Test Ride Hypervenom 2 6
Sf Test Ride Hypervenom 2 5
Sf Test Ride Hypervenom 2 4
Sf Test Ride Hypervenom 2 3
Sf Test Ride Hypervenom 2 2
Sf Test Ride Hypervenom 2 1

Back in 2013, Nike took it upon themselves to revolutionise the way the world's favourite sport was played, introducing a new line of boots specifically for a new breed of attacker. Titled the Hypervenom, the boot was fast, sleek and ferocious. Found tearing up pitches the world over, the Hypervenom was favoured by many superstar strikers, including Neymar and Wayne Rooney. Two years down the track and Nike's football design team has been working madly behind the scenes to make their greatest boot even better. Say hello to the latest step in that evolution, as we introduce the Hypervenom II.

With a heavy focus on attaining deadly agility, Nike's design team has spent countless hours in the lab and on the field over the last two years to create the sheer beast of a boot that lays before you. Starting from humble beginnings, the design team took players wearing only white socks on-foot and placed them in various football-specific movements, using nothing other than spray paint to mark where their feet individually flexed, enabling them to get a true gauge for how a foot moved in action on-field. Rudimentary, you may think, but every tree must be nurtured from a seed. To achieve the highest level of anatomical synergy, Nike strategically mapped its Flywire tech across the Hypervenom II, integrating it into a responsive loft mesh of varying density. That meant a lighter feel, better flex and the most enhanced touch sensitivity to date.

Unlike the first iteration of the Hypervenom, the introduction of the Dynamic Fit Collar really elevates the Hypervenom II into its own realm. With Flyknit construction and seam placement off the heel tendon, wearers are able to enjoy enhanced comfort and no niggling distractions during gameplay. Much like the boot itself, the collared silhouette is aggressive, bold, powerful and edgy – like the star players who wear it!

But, how do they feel on-foot? This blogger's daily exercise consists of a 20-foot walk to the water cooler and back three times a day, so in no regards do I consider myself an expert on the pitch, but if I may quote my good friend Ned Flanders here, having the Nike Hypervenom II on foot is like 'Wearing nothing at all'.

Being a big fan of all things Flyknit, the newly updated collar design is really impressed. Unlike its Free Flyknit brothers, the fit is snug but not constrictive. It moved naturally with my foot stride and throughout the course of the drills, did not cause any irritation or blistering – a common occurrence found with leather boots. As for fit, the Hypervenom II is snug like a glove. The responsive Flywire upper deserves some major shine too; it really didn't matter how hard I tried to boot that ball – and trust fam, I tried to kick the guts out of it in the most macho way possible – the shock absorption was clean, concise and controlled. I was left emasculated by its superior design, but nothing short of impressed. Does this mean I'm going to ditch the sneaker bloggin' for a career in the big leagues? – not a chance, but for any serious football players reading this, we strongly suggest giving the Nike Hypervenom II a strong consideration when making your next boot purchase – true to their tagline, they are deceptive by nature!

Images via @jeffcurtes

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