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Snkr Frkr X PUMA Bike

Well here's some late news... you might remember that Size? in the UK are celebrating their tenth birthday this year and that PUMA asked us to develop a shoe in their honour. Well, here it is – the legend of the Geography Teacher! Admittedly, it’s not the catchiest name for a sneaker and the back story is pretty flimsy at best, but at least the shoe’s cool! And we can exclusively reveal that we also designed a "geography teacher' PUMA bicycle as well. Dressed up in beige and taupe with vivid mauve pops, a Brooks saddle and bag, gum tyres, Trinomic branding and wooden rims, it's the perfect complement to the shoes. At this stage it's a one-off design but who knows, it looks so good it might actually be put into production! Peep the first pics here...

The 'Geography teachers' are now sold out at SIZE?...However we have a very limited number of pairs in our online store now... click here to take home your Teachers!

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