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Sneakertoons' 'sneakertime' App Will Test Everything You Know About Sneakers

Sneakertime App 21

Our homie  wants to see how much you know about sneakers. Along with the talented game-maker Totally Bueno, Sneakertoons has created SneakerTime, a sneaker-centric quiz app that will test your knowledge about kicks. Choosing from four categories and two game modes, you can stick to what you know and tackle questions specifically about , or sneaks, or you can go all out and play the random 'mixed' category where the app will attempt to son you on everything you've ever learned about sneakers.

The app will also offer timed quizzes where you'll race sneaker heads from all over the world in choosing a SneakerToon of a classic shoe from a set of possible names, or identifying as many random sneakers as you can in 30seconds. If you're up for the challenge, search SneakerTime in your local app store now.

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