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Sneakersutra Interbreeds Brands with Risqué Drawings

Sneakersutra 2
Sneakersutra 8
Sneakersutra 13
Sneakersutra 12
Sneakersutra 11
Sneakersutra 10
Sneakersutra 9
Sneakersutra 7
Sneakersutra 6
Sneakersutra 5
Sneakersutra 4
Sneakersutra 3
Sneakersutra 1

Ever see a couple of sneakerheads walking down the street and wonder how they get down? You’ve got some problems to work out if you do, but at least you’re not alone.

Sneakersutra shares your affliction and takes is a step further by illustrating people getting freaky. In Sneakersutra’s mind, inspiration hits couples so fast they don’t have time to take their shoes off. As a result, we get a social commentary on how tastes in sneakers can bring people together. We’re not sold on the realism of some – like, just how pleasing would an lover find someone in ? But hey, love is love.

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