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Sneakersnstuff 'new Blood' Featuring Nike's Air Max 1 Flyknit

To celebrate the launch of Nike’s Air Max 1 Flyknit, London based Sneakersnstuff have teamed up with a few local talents to create their ‘New Blood’ campaign. Up and coming photographer Vicky Grout was enlisted to snap a couple of young artists, both making waves in UK's Grime scene.

No stranger to the music scene, Grout spent a day in South London with 18-year-old rapper Dave, as he took his AM1 Flyknit for a burn. Next she teamed up with 22-year-old Alia Loren, resident DJ at Radar Radio, to capture her positive representation of London’s next wave.

Jump over to the SNS site to learn more about the collaboration, see the rest of the flicks, check out Dave’s music and press play on an exclusive mix from Alia.

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