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Sneakersnstuff Explains Your Odds Of Copping The Yeezy Boosts

The Pirate Black re-stock went down last Friday and we'd like to take this time to offer our sincere condolences to everyone who was unsuccessful in the cop, and couldn't either flip their Yeezys for three times the amount, or at least cash in on those IG likes. As you likely know, your odds of securing a pair ranged somewhere between slim and sweet fuck-all, but would you like to know exactly what your odds were? Sneakersnstuff have obviously been dealing with some scorned raffle losers this last weekend and addressed the matter on their Instagram. All in all Sneakersnstuff had 18860 people apply for the 210 shoes they had been allocated. So, if you were one of those 18660 losers, don't feel bad. Your odds were something like 900 to 1.

Read their post below:

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