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'Sneakers of the Nineties' Exhibition in Berlin Curated by Overkill

Few cities have sneaker cultures as storied as Berlin, and the team from Overkill are paying homage to arguably its most significant period — the 90s — in a stunning exhibition at the Alte Münze meeting space.

The Sneakers of the Nineties exhibition brings together 150 pairs from several private collections to encapsulate the decade’s sartorial trends, many of which are now enjoying cult status.

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A completely new market opened up for sneaker companies in East Germany after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, meaning the 90s was a crucial time. Numerous sneaker models were launched, many of which have stood the test of time; while oldies from the archive continue to resurface to tap into the sneaker game’s new breed.

Overkill’s Sneakers of the Nineties forms part of a larger ‘nineties berlin’ exhibition curated to take visitors back to post-wall Berlin, giving them a unique experience of the ‘myth of Berlin’.

You’ll be able to check out Sneakers of the Nineties until June 23.

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