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Sneakers Love Xmas Lace Up Those In Need

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Sneakers Love Xmas

This one's a little heart-warming. For the second year in a row Sneakers Love Portugal have linked up with Comunidade Vida e Paz, a charitable community organisation, for the Sneakers Love Xmas project. The aim is to offer footwear to those in need. Now, most of us in the sneaker community think of sneakers as a hot-ticket item, something to collect, trade or make bank off. But for many out there, sneakers are a commodity; a luxury style of footwear that can provide much needed support when walking the streets.

Partners, an advertising agency, designed the stirring poster images you see above that put a twist on the usual on-foot sneaker images, and highlight just how lucky some of us are to own these sneaks. Most of us have plenty of pairs – and many have pairs that we don't even want anymore. So, if you're in Portugal, source out one of the especially created sneaker collection boxes (you can hit up their Facebook to find one), or send some sneaks over to the address below.

R. Domingos Bontempo 7
1700-142 Lisboa

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