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Sneakerness Lite - Bochum

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Sneakerness is back with a teaser show going down September 18th and 19th, in Bochum nicknamed Sneakerness Lite. With an endless array of vintage, new releases and obscure finds, Sneakerness is fast becoming the world's greatest sneaker trade show. With the big event taking place in Austria, Vienna come October 9th, be sure to check out Sneakerness Lite if you can't sweat it out until then. But wait, there's more. On top of Sneakerness Lite, Streetwear Today is throwing down a fantastic festival in conjunction with some of your favourite brands and companies including Patta. It all goes down September 17th to September 26th where you can check out a dope STUSSY exhibition called 30years of Stussy, along with a Levi's exhibition and a showcase by the Parra Soundsystem. Check out the Facebook page for more info. Europe is getting is busy!

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