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Sneaker Room Showdown: Dj Khaled Vs. Ray Allen

There was a time when having a closet just for your sneakers was scoffed at, "How pitiful," you'd be told, "Why do you need more than, like, two pairs?" Have we now entered an enlightened era, though, in which the sneaker closet is still scoffed at, but for different reasons? Is a sneaker closet now pitiful because a true sneakerhead possesses a whole room dedicated to their kicks? More and more ballers and general lovers of dat lavish lifestyle certainly think so, and in the last week we've seen two famed shoe collectors reveal how they're displaying their pride and joy pairs. DJ Khaled was a deserving recent recipient of our Sneaker Style Profile treatment, and he showed off his luscious new sneaker room on IG. It features massive wooden, titanium-plated Air Jordan-style shoe boxes that are strong enough to hold the big man's weight, shelving constructed from Florida pencil Cedar to harbour hundreds of his favourite Js, and Nicaraguan Cocobolo timber floorboards varnished with Mauritian palm oil and emblazoned with Khaled's 'WE THE BEST' catch-cry in red paint, which was mixed from the fresh blood of haters. By contrast, Ray Allen seems to have converted his serf's laundry into a big closet, probably with the help of his mother. Allen definitely has some feet heat to brag about, but his display's fatal floor is how bunched in the pairs are. Khaled really lets his special sneaks breathe, like the works of art they are. So, who wins? KHALED! He the best!

Flick through the pics above to decide for yourself, the first four are of DJ Khaled's pantheon of Jordan gods, while the final two are of Allen's special place.

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