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Sneaker Reseller Robbed At Gunpoint

Sneaker reselling: just know when the hot shoes are coming out and be ready to do some serious line time, cop the shoes, flip 'em on eBay or at a sneaker swap - easy money. Right? Wrong. Successful sneaker resellers can make some serious scrilla, but one New Yorker might be contemplating a career change after being rolled proper a few weeks back. The 29-year-old full time sneaker reseller was kicking it uptown at Harlem's Wolf Style when three goons with guns came through and seriously tore through him – they took $2,500 cash he was ready to ball out with, his mobile phone, his sneakers, belt and his Dodge Caravan and its contents. Damn. The Fuzz reckons the dude was definitely targeted too. It's hard out here for a footwear flipper! Via DNA Info.

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