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Should You Be In Sneaker Rehab?

Lab tests have proven nicotine and other diabolical chemicals are addictive, but we reckon there should be some tests done on the smell of box-fresh sneaks and the feeling when you slip into a pair of kicks that no one else on the block has got. Buying sneakers is addictive, it's an unproven fact – and once you're in the game, it's damn hard to get out 'cos all your homies are doing it too. It's often a loved one who makes the first intervention, they sit you down and tell you they think you're too deep in the vortex and you need to pull it back. You call 'em a player hater and scuffle out of the room in your Solarsoft Moccasins. You lace up your Homegrown AM90s because you need to take a walk and smoke some calming spinach, and then you whip the Saucony Burgers out of your backpack because you've got the munchies and wanna chow down on a Double-Double. Biting through your Animal Style cheesy meat sandwich by yourself but feeling foot fresh, you realise that maybe your lady had a point, maybe you've taken it too far? What do you do about it, though?

Sneaker lovin' YouTuber YoAnty has nominated himself for sneaker rehab, bringing his girlfriend in to play psychologist. She plays it well, saying almost nothing and having YoAnty lay his scares bare and come to his own conclusions. Yes sneaker obsession is better than smack addiction, he realises, but he should probably scale back his buying to releases he really 'needs'. Watch the video below, and if you've got a partner you'll probably relate to it, the comments section suggests this is a pretty common discussion for sneakerheads.

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